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W me - #116) dear to the heart of the mormons (dear to the heart of the shepherd - #26) dearest mormons, don't believe it (dearest children, god is with you - #96) did you stop to think? (did you think to pray? / ere you left your room this morning - #140) don't accept it (count your blessings - #241) families are so important (as i search the holy scriptures - #277) families can be together forever (families can be together forever - #300) far, far away from the life i once knew (far, far away on judea's plains - #212) for the beauty of the truth (for the beauty of the earth - #92) for the strength to express my feelings (for the strength of the hills - # 35) have you studied beliefs of the mormon church? buy viagra online generic viagra buy generic viagra cheap generic viagra viagra prescription needed buy viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra cheap viagra online (have i done any good in the world today? - #223) how great the swindle and the lies (how great the wisdom and the love - #195) how skewed is the doctrine (how firm a foundation - #85) i am a child of god (i am a child of god - #301) i am not alone (i believe in christ - #134) i know in my heart it's a fraud (i'll go where you want me to go - #270) i know that joseph lied (i need thee every hour - #98) i know that mormonism fails (i know that my redeemer lives - #136) i sit outside the temple (i love to see the temple - #95, lds children's songbook) i stand all amazed (i stand all amazed - #193) i'm free from mormonism now (god loved us, so he sent his son - #187) if lies are laced throughout it all (o love that glorifies the son - #295) if you could hie to utah (if you could hie to kolob - #284) in the mormon church (when there's love at home - #294) is there truth in mormonism? (guide us, o thou great jehovah - #83) joseph smith was just a con (god of power, god of right - #20) joseph smith, the mormon prophet (come, rejoice - #9) joseph, the very thought of you (jesus, the very thought of you - #141) just tell the truth (god speed the right - #106) just use your brain (do what is right - #237) more critical thinking (more holiness give me - #131) mormonism is not true (god of power, god of right - #20) mormons say theirs is the only true church (teach me to walk in the light - #304) oh, deception (o my father - #292) oh, holy crap, it's filled with lies (oh, holy words of truth and love - #271) oh, how stupid is the story (oh, how lovely was the morning / joseph smith's first prayer - #26) oh, say what is truth (o say, what is truth? #272) oh, why did i believe.   Welcome to FreeRangeMedia

FreeRangeMedia is a recently established production company based in Byron Bay, Australia.

It's goal is to create intelligent multimedia products and in particular to express the unique Byron Bay culture and philosophy to the rest of the world with humour and insight.

This is a temporary page pending full development of the site. For further information email:

First production of FreeRangeMedia is the ridiculous Bay Vista Motel stage/video show in Byron, about Byron.

The Bay Vista Motel is serious fun - a chat/variety show with live audience in the new Byron Community theatre - videoed and on a monitor near you ASAP.

Ron Bay and his dysfunctional Bay Vista Motel family will introduce you to the weird and wonderful in Byron.

Meet Ron, his wife, Desiree, gorgeous and self-centred daughter, Angel, loveable punk son, Spleen, the fey new-age receptionist/cleaner, Maud-Lyn, and Karl the cleaver wielding Chef.

And their friends - local characters, artists and entertainers and visiting celebrities with an interactive audience of locals and international tourists.

Be there... or....!

Also in pre-production is Initiation (Day of the Dog) - a short dramatized documentary about a 16 year old boy strip-searched by sniffer dog police mid-afternoon in the main street of his home town in northern New South Wales. (They found nothing).

Principal of FreeRangeMedia is Sahaj - background in television journalism, news and documentary production, screenwriting, stage and television acting and on-stage music performance.

Personal interests - community creation, environmental awareness, positive futures.

Last Update: 9th Feb 2010