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By Ron BayTM

A breathtaking view of life

in Byron - on stage - on video - on DVD
and on the internet.

e: sahaj@freerangemedia.com
T: 0061 (0)2 6685 3554
(c)Sahaj Dumpleton 2002.
generic viagra price india  Welcome to FreeRangeMedia

FreeRangeMedia is a recently established production company based in Byron Bay, Australia.

It's goal is to create intelligent multimedia products and in particular to express the unique Byron Bay culture and philosophy to the rest of the world with humour and insight.

This is a temporary page pending full development of the site. For further information email: sahaj@freerangemedia.com

First production of FreeRangeMedia is the ridiculous Bay Vista Motel stage/video show in Byron, about Byron.

The Bay Vista Motel is serious fun - a chat/variety show with live audience in the new Byron Community theatre - videoed and on a monitor near you ASAP.

Ron Bay and his dysfunctional Bay Vista Motel family will introduce you to the weird and wonderful in Byron.

Meet Ron, his wife, Desiree, gorgeous and self-centred daughter, Angel, loveable punk son, Spleen, the fey new-age receptionist/cleaner, Maud-Lyn, and Karl the cleaver wielding Chef.

And their friends - local characters, artists and entertainers and visiting celebrities with an interactive audience of locals and international tourists.

Be there... or....!

Also in pre-production is Initiation (Day of the Dog) - a short dramatized documentary about a 16 year old boy strip-searched by sniffer dog police mid-afternoon in the main street of his home town in northern New South Wales. (They found nothing).

Principal of FreeRangeMedia is Sahaj - background in television journalism, news and documentary production, screenwriting, stage and television acting and on-stage music performance.

Personal interests - community creation, environmental awareness, positive futures.

E: sahaj@freerangemedia.com
Last Update: 9th Feb 2010